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“I am passionate about building brands, fostering creative talent and helping people realise their potential.

  • I love nothing more than discovering emerging creatives and giving them an opportunity and platform to do what they do best in using their own unique visual language, sound or special skill set to communicate a message that is visually exciting, original or emotive and “hits you in the guts”.

    I want to “feel” something. Of course, not all content pieces or campaign work has the creative requirement or scope for such a direction, but where there is an intersection of purpose and relevant alignment — this is where magic happens.

    Over the last 6 years I have uncovered new passions within my own work that I want to continue to explore. As a business leader, I truly believe that we should use our voice and positions of influence to make a difference in the world for the better good.

  • It is this approach that I wish to carry forward with my client work where possible. It all comes down to a brands business values, meaning and purpose. If we can leave the world in a better place and help both the planet and people in it by giving back — then we should.

    Selling products and services to increase sales revenue is a given; but big change starts small and if we can also create messaging that creates positive changes in behaviour then that is the kind of new business journey that I want to be a part of and strive for.”

    — Nicky Rowsell