And Now Creative


And Now Creative is a full service creative, experience and brand communications agency that specialises in youth culture and producing great work that matters.

  • We are focussed particularly on marketing to Millennials and Gen Z. These two generations alone currently represent 60% of the global population.

    We use insights to understand people and then create meaningful experiences to influence their behaviour where it matters most. We are successful in changing how people think, feel and act about a brand.

    A crossroads of creativity, fashion, music, art, film and boards sports; we are a collective hub with a conscience — where likeminded people and brands can come to have their stories communicated in a way that will not only attract new brand fans, but engage, build loyalty and create advocacy.

  • Through our innovative approach we always remain one step ahead of the curve. We don’t follow trends. We create them. We are brand disruptors and produce authentic and fully integrated campaigns that have a real point of difference. We achieve this in part through harnessing empathy and positivity to make a difference in the world. Outside of the obvious business hustle; if we can enable brands to make a valuable contribution through giving back to the communities around us; and help to drive positive impact and create social change — then that’s a great day in the office!